Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Word About the Blog's Title

In general, when we speak of cut-up cakes for grownups, we do not refer to "adult" cakes, although I did have one minor lapse. I was showing pictures of my cakes to a five-year-old girl recently and, encouraged by her enthusiasm, showed her a picture of the lapse, thinking I might get a really good giggle out of her. She was Not Amused. At her age, I suppose I might not have been either. I hurried on to more acceptable subject matter.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hm, this is a challenge.

Maybe you should have two blogs: "Cut-Up Cakes for Grownups" and "Cut-Up Cakes for Grownups and Kids." But then the challenge is to determine which cakes would appear on each page. It would seem, based on this 5-yr-old's reaction, that all your works should appear on the latter blog with the exception of the Minor Lapse, which would remain on former.

But that still does not resolve the problems. Does Matt count as a grown-up or a kid? I've always celebrated the idea that he was in a class by himself, but I now see that this fact may require additional web page permutations....

July 3, 2008 at 3:35 PM  

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